Dumbing of Age Book 13 Kickstarter update!:

The campaign’s countdown has shifted from counting down days to counting down HOURS, and here we are, near the end, unveiling our twelfth character magnet!:  LYLE!

Lyle’s magnet will be about 2″ x 4.5″ and you can pledge for him by himself you want!  He’d pair nicely with your FREE LUCY MAGNET, I think!  Two siblings for the price of one!  If you need slightly more than just him, the PICK THREE and PICK FIVE MAGNETS tiers are right over there as well!

And, yeah, COMPLETE MAGNET POWER tiers await those who need them all.

About sixty hours remain as of this writing, and maybe in that last two-and-a-half days, we can push this thing to $55K and unlock a thirteenth magnet for the thirteenth book!  A bonus JENNIFER magnet is still a possibility.

This Kickstarter ends Tuesday night at 11:45pm Eastern!  Pledge before you can’t!