It’s $46,521 o’clock over at the Dumbing of Age Book 13 Kickstarter!  Which means it’s time for a SURPRISE SAYID MAGNET reveal!  This 2″x4.5″ music major dude can be bundled along with your book now with the SAYID MAGNET tier!  Or: choose him and some other magnets at the PICK THREE or PICK FIVE MAGNETS tiers!  OR or: COMPLETE MAGNET POWER, baby.  You know you want it.

At $50K, we’ll unlock the LYLE MAGNET tier!  (That’s Lucy’s brother.)  That rounds out the usual 12 magnets, but what if I told you there could be a 13th magnet?  WELL IT’S TRUE, if we get to $55K, there’ll be a new JENNIFER MAGNET!  Hot dang!

CAN WE GET THERE?  Just one week remaining!  Pledge today!