Yesterday in the Dumbing of Age Book 12 Kickstarter we unveiled the first SURPRISE MAGNET — the SARAH MAGNET tier!  Search down the list of tiers and this handy graphic on the left will alert you to where you can sign up for a Sarah magnet to be included with your Book 12.  Or search a little further down for the SARAH AND LIZ MAGNETS tier if you want both sisters!

We also unlocked FREE WALKY MAGNETS for everybody who pledges for tangible, mailable goods!  Get a book?  You get a free Walky magnet!  You get a Digital Plus Magnet tier?  You get a free Walky magnet along with your magnet choice in your stamped envelope!   You get PICK THREE or PICK FOUR MAGNETS?  Guess what, now you get four or five magnets, respectively!  It’s pretty sweet.

Pledge today!