Today’s Week 27 of Welcome To The Fuck Zone, a collection of nakedsy one-shots over at Slipshine.  What’ve we done so far?:

Week 1: Walky and Dorothy
Week 2: Sarah
Week 3: Ethan
Week 4: Marcie
Week 5: Danny (with Amazi-Girl)
Week 6: Grace and Mandy
Week 7: Mary
Week 8: Mike
Week 9: Billie (with Ruth)
Week 10: Joe’s dad and Amber’s mom
Week 11: Dorothy (with Walky)
Week 12: Roz (with whoever)
Week 13: Jason
Week 14: Walky (with Dorothy)
Week 15: Malaya (with whoever)
Week 16: Billie (with Ruth)
Week 17: Sayid (with Bryan)
Week 18: Amazi-Girl (with Danny)
Week 19: Sal
Week 20: Dorothy and Walky
Week 21: Sierra (with Grace and Mandy)
Week 22: Ruth and Billie
Week 23: Joyce and Dorothy (April Fool’s Day)
Week 24: Mike (with Eric)
Week 25: Roz and Joe
Week 26: Ruth and Billie
Week 27: Marcie
Week 28: Amber
Week 29: Ethan
Week 30: Walky

You can see all these and more if you’re a Slipshine member!