2014-10-patreonpreviewSo this was weird.  Guess who won this month’s vote to star in the Dumbing of Age Patreon monthly bonus comic?  O HAI BECKY.  Well, uh, that’s spooky timing.  But I drew a Becky strip anyway (also Asma is in it), so if you wanna go check it out, all you have to do is be a member of the Patreon.  The first panel of the bonus strip is on the left.   You can see the monthly bonus strip (and the monthly wallpaper) for any pledge amount, and if you pledge $5 or more you get to see tomorrow’s strip a day early.  That’s right, those folks knew Becky was showing up 24 hours ago!  But not a month ago, or they probably wouldn’t have voted this way.

We’re not going to have any shortage of Becky, is what I’m saying.