Now Let’s Go Commit Something Mildly Subversive Which, at Worst, Will Serve as a Humanizing Anecdote and Not as Anything Truly Threatening to the Power Structures at Hand, aka Dumbing of Age Book 9 (let’s just call it “Book 9”) is now up for Kickstartering!  See, it’s that time of year for us again, plus a month or so, because World Be Crazy, but we’re trying to do this anyway!

Book 9 is 216 pages!  It’s got the usual strip commentary!  It’s got bonus art and rejected strips!  It’s got 24 Patreon-only strips!  It’s got a foreword by Dork Tower‘s John Kovalic!!!

And, as per usual, we’ve also got magnets.  You can pledge for Sal and/or Amber to start, and a free Sarah magnet for everybody unlocks at $35k!

Anyway, pray the post office still exists when this comes out later this year.