UPDATE: I’ve also included a pricepoint where you also receive a character sketch along with your poster.  If you’ve already purchased a poster and want to upgrade, let me know (wiigii at gmail) and we’ll get it figured out.

Newwwww product!

My wife and I don’t get to vacation a lot.  Sure, I’m on the road all the time for conventions, but usually by myself and to always to make a living, since this webcomic is my job.  So I figgered, you know what, I will make an awesome poster and put the proceeds into the Willis Vacation Fund.  Best case scenario, we’d raise enough quick enough to put in for a room for the second JoCo Cruise Crazy, which Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue would reaaally like because he and his wife are going and he needs me around to help introduce him to famous people like Wil Wheaton, but rooms are dwindling, time is short, and, really, Maggie and I just need to get out there anywhere this coming spring. If we don’t JoCo, that’s regrettable, but the Getting Away is what’s really important. Actually I have just been alerted by Joel that if I don’t go to JoCo with him, I will be murdered.  All right.  Well, folks, that’s on you, apparently.

And so we have this awesome artwork of the denizens of Dumbing of Age cheering at one of their university’s football games!  Most of everyone’s favorites are there, plus a few I wanted to make sure appeared in a poster who hadn’t yet managed, like Danny, Amber, Mike, and Ethan.  (I’m not sure who my favorite character in this particular artwork is, since I have to choose between Mike’s interesting spirit-wear choice, Walky’s toplessness, and Dina’s giant foam pointer.)  You can see progress shots of the artwork on my Tumblr, and the original suggestion for the theme was offered here by crazymusician320.

A zoom-in of the artwork

You can get the poster mailed to you for the fund-raising price of $20, which includes shipping within the United States, or for half that you can choose to be mailed a URL where you can download the art at desktop wallpaper size.  (I’m thinking 1280px across, but if I’m wrong in that estimation, let me know.  Easiest thing to accommodate.)  These are signed and numbered 1 through 100!  The poster will be mailed after Christmas.

Thank you for your consideration!  If you want to contribute to our vacation fund, that is great.  And if you don’t want to or you can’t, that is also great.  I’m just happy you’re on my site reading my stuff.

(Oh, and since when I asked for poster ideas, folks kept on suggesting “beach” or “swimsuits,” I should probably mention the “Monroe Lake” poster which has been around for a while.)

(Oh oh oh, and apparently I can’t shut off postage fees for the wallpaper option, so if you’re from outside the United States, I’ll have to manually refund you that $3.  Grargh.)