Hey, guys, I’m gonna have an artist alley table at BotCon 2013 this weekend in San Diego!  Since the comic runs seven days a week I can’t really shove the usual “HEY GUYS” comic-replacing image in your face, so hopefully somebody reads this down here.  (Though it’s BotCon, which is really more of a Shortpacked! audience, so well, y’know.  I’ll have Dumbing of Age books and some posters, regardless.)  Here’s my tentative at-table schedule, so I’ll have time to do Transformery things myself:

3 to 5pm (Friday is not open to general admission)
9 to 10am
Noon to 1pm
2 to 5pm
11am to 3:30pm

If you have like Transformers phobia or something, don’t worry, I’ll also be at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks later.