Today in the Dumbing of Age Book 13 Kickstarter, a SURPRISE SAL MAGNET was unlocked!  Our sixth magnet, it’s just regular ol’ kick-ass SAL!  She’s gonna be about 2″x4″ and you can have her tucked inside your book (along with your free Lucy magnet) if you pledge for the SAL MAGNET tier!

You can also decide to choose her amongst your curated selection of magnets if you go in for either the PICK THREE or PICK FIVE MAGNETs tiers, and of course she’s included if you go all-in for COMPLETE MAGNET POWER!

Next up at $40K, we unlock LAUNDRY DOROTHY and LAUNDRY JOYCE!  And there’s probably…. four other magnets past them, at some point.  WE’LL SEE.