joycemagnetpreviewThe Dumbing of Age Book 4 Kickstarter reached $50k, which means something wonderful: everyone who pledged for a real, physical, made-of-paper book gets a 2″x4″ Joyce character magnet thrown in extra, no extra charge!  So now every pledge level from $20 up gets both a book and a magnet!  Huzzah!

A mock-up of the Joyce magnet is on the left.  It’ll be die-cut, meaning everything everything surrounding the thick white outline’s getting cut away, like with these Amazi-Girl magnets.  After the Kickstarter is funded and the books are printed and they get here in the fall and I mail them out to you, just open up your book and there she’ll be inside.

And if you want another magnet to come with your Joyce magnet, you can up-pledge to one of the other character magnet pledge levels!  You can get Walky or Sal or Dina or Amazi-Girl or Ruth or Billie, or both Ruth and Billie.  There are also a few slots left in the COMPLETE MAGNET POWER pledge level where you get one of every single magnet that’s unlocked by the end of the Kickstarter.