Over at the Dumbing of Age Book 6 Kickstarter, there is a new GALASSO MAGNET tier!  At 3″x5″, this is the biggest magnet I’ve ever produced!  (Galasso is a big guy.)  He will put all those other puny magnets in their place!

There’s also a new PICK THREE MAGNETS tier where you can, surprise, pick any three magnets unlocked by this Kickstarter campaign!  You’ll be able to tell me which three magnets you want in your address survey, given out some time after the Kickstarter funds.  So if you’re pledged for, like, a LESLIE/ROBIN magnet set, but also want Galasso, you can edit your pledge accordingly!

When the Kickstarter hits $45k (which it might have done already by the time this publishes), I will publish a sneak preview of a strip from JUNE for y’all.  It won’t be, like, a spoilery one, but something more self-contained.  But you have a choice between three strips, for which there’s a poll on the right hand side of the website under the comic strip.  You can choose which future strip you want based on which characters appear in it.   When I figure the poll has given me a clear answer, I’ll post the strip over on the Kickstarter and you can choose to go look at it if you want!  Again, they’re not spoilery, so no one’s gonna be able to read them, come back over here, and post OMFG JOYCE IS DEAD or whatever.