The Dumbing of Age Book 6 Kickstarter has hit $55K, which means the last of the originally-forecast stretch goals has been hit, and we’ve got Jacob and Joe magnets.  There’s new pledge tiers for Jacob, for Joe, and for Jacob and Joe together!  Remember, you can do a PICK THREE MAGNETS tier if you’ve got a double-magnet tier and would like to add one of them, and also if you’ve got a COMPLETE MAGNET POWER thing going on, these guys are added to your pile.

Which makes it… twelve magnets total, I believe!  That’s how many we did last year, but I might throw on a lucky thirteenth in the final week, just to say WE DID MORE.  It’ll be a repeat character (in a new look, of course) from previous years, and I’ve put a poll up on Twitter to see where the demand is:

UPDATE: OH AND I ADDED A “PICK FIVE MAGNETS” PLEDGE TIER.  (you will actually receive six magnets, since Becky is free)  BUT HEY IF YOU WANT MORE THAN THREE (four) MAGNETS, THIS IS YOUR DEAL