We cleared $40k yesterday morning, and so the Dumbing of Age Book 6 Kickstarter has unlocked Dexter and Monkey Master character magnets!  They’re based on brand new art I drew yesterday!  You can pledge for a book + either of them, or a Book + both of them as a set!  And if you pledged for the any of the COMPLETE MAGNET POWER tiers, they’ve been automatically added to your pile.

Next up, at $45k, I’ll unveil a FUTURE COMIC STRIP, from, like, June or something, I dunno.  We’ll figure it out together.  Last time we did this, I had a website poll where you could choose a future strip based on which characters appeared in it.  (None of them would be overly spoilery, of course; they’d be fun, relatively stand-alone strips.)  Around $45K I’ll also have another surprise character magnet choice for y’all.

That’s it!